Mix Soft Harmony

Discover the magic of this Soft Harmony Dahlia Mix, a collection of flowers in a palette of delicate white, cream and lilac shades. Perfect if you love calmness and harmony in a timeless atmosphere. Perfectly harmonised so you can keep combining. 

Contains these 8 dahlia varieties:

  • Cafe au Lait
  • Center Court
  • Miss Delilah
  • My Love
  • White Onesta
  • Lavender Perfection
  • Mikayla Miranda
  • Shiloh Noelle

For this mix you need about 1.5 m2 of garden, we recommend planting about 5-7 dahlia bulbs per m2. Make sure they all catch enough sunlight.

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Typ des Produkts Dahlien
Farbe Weiß
Pflanzzeit Frühling nach dem letzten Nachtfrost
Blütezeit Juli-November
Anzahl pro Paket 8 Dahlienknollen
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